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Step 5: Level Up with Klaviyo Order Tracking Emails and More

Level up your post purchase to become a pro. 

With our integrations, you can create more informative, personalized experiences that delight your customers. Here's what we suggest: 

Send Order Tracking Emails via Klaviyo

Our robust Klaviyo integration allows you to migrate your notification emails away from Shopify and take advantage of our additional order statuses as triggers, as well as wealth of metadata. 

Check out these emails to get started with our Klaviyo integration: 

Send Order Texts via SMS Partners

Our Attentive and PostScript integrations allows you to create a "surround sound," multi-channel approach to your shipment marketing. Deliver on-brand SMS notifications linking your customers to the same tracking page experience delivered with your emails.

Reach more about our Attentive and PostScript integrations. 

Sync Malomo Data to Gorgias Tickets 

With our API-based Gorgias integration, you can embed all customer shipping and order information onto side-bars within Gorgias’ ticket view. Know every piece of order and shipping information for a customer as soon as they send a ticket and reduce the needs for your agents to live in multiple tools to answer questions for your customers.

Read more about our Gorgias Integration.

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