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How to get Klaviyo emails marked as transactional

Getting your new notification emails marked as transactional in Klaviyo is an important step, as it ensures all customers receive these emails (including customers who have opted out of marketing emails). 


  1. To start, be sure the email to be marked as transactional does not have any promotional or marketing material in it. (See below for more information on promotional material in transactional emails.) 

  2. Within your Klaviyo account, navigate to the 'Support' section in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

  3. From here, select 'Message Support' to send an email to the Klaviyo Support team. 

The template that we use in this situation is below. Be sure to include the flow name and link to the flow within your account.


Can I please have the emails in the following flows marked as transactional in my account? 

  • [Flow name #1]:

    • [Flow link #1]

    • [Email name(s)]

  • [Flow Name #2]:

    • [Flow Link #2]

    • [Email name(s)]

  • [Flow Name #3]:

    • [Flow Link #3]

    • [Email name(s)]


  1. You will receive an email back from Klaviyo Support once the emails have been marked as transactional, or if there are any emails that cannot be marked as such. 

Transactional Emails and the CAN-SPAM Act 

The CAN-SPAM Act exists to protect consumers, and marketing emails must give customers the option to opt-out. When an email is marked as transactional, it bypasses a customer’s request to suppress marketing emails, and because of this, these emails cannot contain any promotional material. The primary purpose of the email must be about the transaction, have a clear transactional subject line, and the transaction details must be first and most prominent in the email. 

The Klaviyo Support specialist that marks the emails as transactional will have the final say on whether or not an email qualifies as transactional. Common sections that often get flagged as not transactional material are: coupons, referral programs, and product upsells. Brand materials such as logos, navigation bars, and social media are allowed to be included. 

For more information on the CAN-SPAM Act, please visit


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