Next, let's create a beautiful new tracking page that you control.

With the Malomo Tracking Block App, you can drop our order tracking block on the page of your choice, directly in Shopify. The tracking block updates in real time with information supplied directly from the shipment carrier and includes an order lookup, multiple shipment display on a single order page, and a "Don't see your package?" help message shown once the shipment has been marked delivered. Learn more about the features of our order tracking block

To install the Malomo Tracking Block App, you have two options: our Shopify Theme App or Malomo.js. We recommend our Shopify Theme App for a no-code, super fast implementation. However, if you'd like full control and customization of the tracking block, you can use our API documentation to install Malomo.js. 

Install via the Shopify Theme App

Our Shopify Theme App is a super simple way to create a tracking page in your own Shopify theme. If you have an Online Store 2.0 theme, you can drop our Tracking Block App on a page template and add your content of choice to the rest of the page. Want to get a tracking page up immediately? Add our Tracking Block to a blank page, customize the look of the block, and start directing customers to it. Prefer to optimize the page with product recommendations, social feed, and FAQs? Use your theme editor to add content sections around the block. 


  1. To get started, make sure you've installed the Malomo Shopify App to your store and confirm that you are already using a Shopify Online Store 2.0 Theme Template.

  2. Identify which page template you'd like to add our Tracking Block on. We recommend creating a new page template in your theme and naming it order-tracking

  3. Click Add section and scroll down to the Apps section. Click on Shipment Tracker, which will add an Apps section to the page.

  4. Drag the section to the desired location and then click on the Shipment Tracker for customization options.

  5. First, add in your Malomo Publishable API Key, which you can create in the Developer section of our platform. Learn more about creating API keys

  6. Next, customize the look of the tracker by editing the options in the Buttons and Inputs sections. Make sure to change the element selector between Shipment Tracker and Order Lookup Tracker to customize all options. 

  7. Click Save and you're done! If you prefer, add additional content sections to the page

Read more for full details on how to install and customize our Shopify Theme App.

Install via Malomo.js

Malomo.js is the powerful core of our Tracking Block and allows for a ton of flexibility. Built for developers, you can integrate in minutes by dropping a few lines of code into your website. From there, you can expose customers to shipment tracking data anywhere within your owned web properties. With Malomo.js, you can leverage your own in-house developers or agency resources to build, style and implement as many tracking pages as you desire. Then, manage your content in the same place you manage all other storefront content, including your headless CMS. 

If the look and feel of our Shopify Theme app is too restrictive or you use a headless CMS, building a tracking page directly with Malomo.js is the best option for you. While this does require some development experience, we've made it as easy as possible with our detailed API documentation and a pre-built design theme for the Tracking Block. 

Take a look at our comprehensive API documentation on how to install Malomo.js

Order Tracking Concierge

Prefer to sit back and relax? Let our implementation team assist with the design and build of your custom tracking page. We'll also assist with migrating your notification emails into Klaviyo, by first consulting on your post purchase experience, building recommended flows, and sharing an easy to update email template built with Klaviyo's new template builder. 

With implementation via our Order Tracking Concierge, your tracking page will be hosted by Malomo and updates can be made with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Reach out to to learn more about our Order Tracking Concierge.