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Customization Options Available within the Tracking Page Creator's Shopify Theme App

Below is a list of the styling and customization options available for the Malomo Banner and Shipment Tracker sections in our Shopify Theme App, when using Malomo’s Tracking Page Creator.

Malomo Banner Customization Options

Desktop Image

  • Enable Background Image

  • Desktop Image Selector

  • Background Image Repeat

  • Background Image Size

Desktop Image Options

Mobile Image

  • Mobile Image Selector

Mobile Image Options

Background Color

  • Malomo Banner Background Color Selector (if desktop image not enabled)

Background Color Option

Banner Layout

  • Height

  • Desktop Banner Padding

Banner Layout Options

Header (Text)

  • Background Color

  • Font

  • Font Size

  • Horizontal Alignment

  • Padding - Top

  • Padding - Bottom

  • Level (Heading Level in Shopify or the “Heading Style” such as H1, H2)

  • Text

Header Options

Malomo Tracking Block

  • Background color

  • Border Color

  • Border radius

  • Border style

  • Border width

  • Padding

Tracking Block Options

Custom CSS

  • Malomo Banner Custom CSS

Tracking Block Customization Options


  • Block Width

Block Option

Order Lookup / Shipment Tracker Buttons

  • Background Color

  • Border Color

  • Border Radius

  • Border Width

  • Capitalization

  • Height

  • Text Color

Button Options

Order Lookup / Shipment Tracker Inputs

  • Background Color

  • Border Color

  • Border Radius

  • Border Width

  • Height

Input Options

Image/Spacer Customization Options (Optional)

Spacer (Default when no image is enabled)

  • Spacer position can be moved above or below the Shipment Tracker to offset the tracking block to the left or right. If spacer is removed, the tracking block will be positioned in the center.


  • Image selector

  • Horizontal Alignment

  • Image link URL

  • Width

Image Options

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