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Build your Tracking Page with Malomo.js

Malomo.js is a javascript library and the powerful core of our Tracking Block. It allows for a ton of flexibility and will enable you to build and fully control order tracking pages in your own Shopify theme. Built for developers, you can integrate in minutes by dropping a few lines of code into your website. From there, you can expose customers to shipment tracking data anywhere within your owned web properties.

With Malomo.js, you can leverage your own in-house developers or agency resources to build, style and implement as many tracking pages as you desire. Then, manage your content in the same place you manage all other storefront content, including your headless CMS. 

If you'd prefer to directly host your tracking page and the design of our Shopify Theme app is too restrictive or you use a headless CMS, building a tracking page with Malomo.js your best option.


  • Utilize Malomo.js functionality anywhere within your website, no matter if you’re using a Shopify theme, headless solution, or a page builder app. 

  • Manage your tracking page content in the same place you manage your storefront content. 

  • Gain complete control to update your tracking page content without needing to contact the Malomo team.

  • Tracking page lives under your domain and no need to pay for an extra custom domain add-on through Malomo.  

  • Duplicate your tracking page inside your theme and host an unlimited number of tracking pages without paying additional Malomo add-on fees.

  • Show items such as order or customer look up within your own storefront, as long as you have ability to pass information to Malomo.js. (*highly likely for anyone that has an existing ‘your orders’ or ‘your account’ type page). 

  • Use Malomo.js on any domain that you own. (*with slight security requirements as noted in API Docs).

Quick Look at How to Start

  1. Create a Publishable Key (PK) in the Malomo platform’s Developer page.

  2. Set up Malomo.js

  3. Set up Malomo Elements

  4. Add Malomo.js on your website

  5. Add the Malomo tracking block

  6. Style the Malomo tracking block

    1. For greater ease, install our pre-built 'light' theme to take advantage of our recommended tracking block styling.

For detailed directions, take a look at our comprehensive API documentation on how to install Malomo.js

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