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Set Your Default Tracking Page URL

Once you have created a self-hosted tracking page with our Tracking Page Creator or Malomo.js, please set your default tracking page URL within the Malomo platform. This will allow our order.url variable to show the correct tracking page URL within all your connected apps.

🚨 If you plan to enable the Loop integration, you must set your default tracking page URL. Learn more here.

We also recommend that merchants with Malomo-hosted tracking pages set their default tracking page URL as well. This will guarantee consistent order.url variables are sent to all connected apps.

How to Set Your Default Tracking Page URL

Complete the following steps to set a default tracking page URL:

  • Sign in to your Malomo account.

  • Navigate to the Account section

  • Paste the base URL of your tracking page in the “Default Tracking Page URL” section.

    • For example, Malomo hosted tracking pages are formatted like this: or

    • If you've used our Shopify Theme App or Malomo.js to host your tracking page, your base URL might look like this:

  • Click Update Account

  • You will see “Success!” when the update has registered in our system.

How to Link to Your Tracking Page

Once you’ve set your Default Tracking Page URL in the platform, our system will begin updating the order.url metadata variable for each shipment. Our integrations use this variable to share your live tracking page with your customer.

To learn more about how to link to your tracking page in Shopify, Klaviyo, or our other integrations, please review our Linking to Your Tracking Page article.

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