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Integrating Malomo and Justuno

Set up Time: 5-10 Minutes

Prerequisites: Your Malomo Account needs to be connected with Shopify.

Connecting Justuno and Malomo will allow you to create the ultimate brand experience during post purchase. Users will be able to combine the customer data saved in Justuno with the branded experience that Malomo offers post purchase in the form of a branded tracking page and shipping powered messaging. Using the two platforms together will increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and customer engagements at crucial touchpoints regarding retention and customer lifetime value.

If you have any questions about this integration, contact the Justuno support team via ticket or your Justuno Strategist via email for further direction or full set up.


Integration Setup: Using Malomo in a Workflow

Separate instructions based on how you have implemented your Malomo tracking page.

Determine how you have implemented your Malomo tracking page and proceed to the corresponding step. Possible ways to implement your Malomo tracking page:

  1. Shopify Theme Page - Watch How-To Video

  2. Malomo.js Page

  3. Malomo Built & Hosted “Morpho” Page


  1. Shopify Theme Page - Justuno will automatically be installed on your Shopify Theme page order-tracking page.

  2. Malomo.js Page - Install your Justuno standard embed code snippet on your tracking page in the footer. 

  3. Malomo Built & Hosted “Morpho” Page - Contact Malomo support team or your dedicated CSM to request installation of the code snippet. Share your Justuno standard embed code snippet and Malomo will install and work with you to finalize the placement.

Testing: Step-by-step

You can confirm that the install was successful by setting up a test workflow for your Malomo tracking page.

1. Go to Experiences and add a New Workflow, select Blank Workflow,  and name the workflow in the follow up screen.

2. Update the enrollment trigger to say “current url” contains #testpop

3. Add a design step to the workflow by dragging it from the options on the left-hand side. 

4. Click on the design tile you just added and update with a banner template for now. 

Tip: search for Banner or use the Announcement filter on the left hand side

Note: you’ll be taken to the design studio when you add a design template. You’ll want to click on the arrow in the top-left corner to get back to the workflow view. 

5. Once you're back in the workflow view, click Publish in the top right corner and go to your tracking page incognito. 

6. Add the extension #testpop to the end of your URL [example:] and refresh the page. 

7. Your banner should fire immediately on the page, confirming successful install. Now you will be able to use Justuno on your Malomo tracking page for:

  • Data Capture (like social handle, birthday, email, or SMS)

  • Product Recommendations (based on order history and website behavior)

  • Quizzes & Surveys

  • Banners (shipping, special offer, post purchase messaging)

General Notes

When moving towards connecting your Malomo tracking page with your Justuno account, it is important to consider the following Justuno strategies when curating your message and conversion strategy:

  1. Video: Post Purchase Strategies to Boost Retention

  2. Blog: Strategies Targeting Bottom of the Funnel

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