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Tracking Page Creator

Malomo’s Tracking Page Creator is a lightning fast method to create and customize a branded tracking page within your Shopify theme. With two clicks, your new tracking page can be up and running!

Start directing customers to your page immediately or easily add existing theme sections, branding elements, assets and other Shopify apps. You can also get creative and create multiple tracking pages in order to segment your tracking experiences based on buyer data.

Create and Customize Your Malomo Tracking Page

With our new Tracking Page Creator, you can: 

  • Spin up a functional tracking page in just a few minutes. Your new tracking page includes the following content out-of-the-box: 

    • Your store header

    • Malomo banner section

      • Placeholder banner image

      • Malomo Shipment Tracker block

    • Featured collection section

    • Your store footer 

  • Skip the manual steps of creating a new API key, creating a new Shopify page and assigning a template, adding our theme app block to your page, adding custom code to support a banner image, and more. 

  • Use Shopify’s theme editor to customize your page and add additional content.

  • Create multiple tracking pages and manage them within the Malomo dashboard. 

Check out our installation guide to learn how to build your new tracking page, as well as answer common questions: Build Your Tracking Page with the Malomo Tracking Page Creator

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