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Setting up Klaviyo SMS notifications

You can send your customers shipping updates via SMS in Klaviyo using Malomo metrics.


Here's an example of how to set up an SMS shipping notification in Klaviyo:

  1. Create a new flow from scratch. 

  2. When asked, “What will trigger this flow?”, select “Metric”, and choose “Malomo: ShipmentUpdateReceived” from the dropdown menu. 

  3. To differentiate which status this flow will be for, select “Trigger Filters”, and Add Trigger Filter. 

    • The Dimension should be “status” equals Dimension Value of whatever status you want this flow to be for (i.e., In_transit, out_for_delivery, delivered, etc.) See our full list of statuses here

  4. After the trigger is set up, drag SMS from the left-hand actions menu to the flow. 

  5. To configure content that you want to include in the SMS message, we recommend using our list of Klaviyo variables. The variables you use in email will be the same ones you use in SMS. 

    • You can also use of Klaviyo’s suggested fields, which will automatically pull the variable of the field you want to use. 

  6. Once the first SMS flow is set up, you can clone it and change the shipping status for each one. 

Please see an example SMS shipping notification below: 

Message Content

Hey {{ person|lookup:"first_name"|default:'' }}!

Your Goodest Boi Order {{ }} has been delivered. 🎉

For more information on your delivery, track your package here: {{ event.extra.order.url }}

SMS Preview



Collecting SMS Consent in Klaviyo 

There are a few ways that you can collect consent for Klaviyo SMS, but the two that we recommend are through Klaviyo signup forms or at order checkout. To collect phone numbers at order checkout, you must have the option turned on in Shopify to ask customers for their phone number - this will automatically grant you consent to send SMS notifications via Klaviyo. 

Where is Klaviyo SMS Available?

Klaviyo SMS is not available everywhere. Currently, you can only collect SMS consent and send text messages in: 

  • *United States

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Ireland

*The United States only includes the 50 US states and not Puerto Rico or other territories.

To view the latest information about Klaviyo SMS availability, please see this Klaviyo help article:

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