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What order events does Malomo support?

Malomo supports a wide variety of events throughout the order creation, fulfillment, and shipping cycle. You can use these events to automate notifications to your customers, as well as personalize the content using the wealth of metadata included in each event.

Order Tracking Events

  • Order Placed: When Shopify records a new order placed by a customer.

  • Shipment Created: When Shopify records a new shipment on an order and that shipment registers in the Malomo platform.

  • Delayed / Stalled in Fulfillment: An order that has been created but has not been fulfilled in the specified time frame.

  • Pre Transit: A shipping label was created but the carrier has not yet taken possession of the shipment.

  • In Transit: The shipment is in the carrier’s possession and is en route to its destination. For each in-transit scan the package has.

  • Delayed / Stalled in Transit: An order that has been fulfilled or is in transit and has not received a scan update in the specified time frame.

  • Out for Delivery: The shipment is currently on its last mile and is en route to the destination address.

  • Delivery Attempted: The shipment could not be delivered.

  • Available for Pickup: The shipment is available for pickup from the carrier’s facility such as a post office.

  • Delivered: The local delivery vehicle has reported the package was delivered.

  • Return to Sender: The shipment was not successfully delivered and is en route back to sender.

  • Cancelled: The delivery has been cancelled typically by either the seller or recipient.

  • Error: An unknown delivery error occurred.

  • Unknown: The carrier doesn’t know the current status of the shipment.

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