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Linking to your Tracking Page in Klaviyo

Identify your URL structure

If you've used our Shopify Theme App or Malomo.js to create your tracking page, identify your base URL for your tracking page. Let's say you created your tracking page on a page your titled "Order Tracking"; if so, then your base URL might look like this:

If your tracking page was built by the Malomo implementation team and is currently hosted by Malomo, your URL structure will look like this:

Set your Default Tracking Page URL

Klaviyo uses the Default Tracking Page URL set in the Malomo Dashboard to share your live tracking page with your customer. To set this page, go to Malomo > Account > Overview and look for the Default Tracking Page URL section. If this section is blank, please add in the full URL of your live tracking page. If you have multiple live tracking pages, please select the page you would like to assign as the default tracking experience.

To learn more about setting or reviewing your default tracking page, check out this article.

Link to the Tracking Page in Klaviyo emails

If you send your Shipping Confirmation, Delivery, or other messages out of Klaviyo, you can reference the Tracking Page link from any event-driven flow. Build the link for the "Track My Package" button in three different ways:

  1. Use the {{ event.extra.order.url }} variable. This will automatically pull in the the customer's dynamic tracking page, based on your Default Tracking Page URL.

  2. Use your base URL and the Malomo Order ID variable:{{ }}

  1. Use your base URL and the Shopify Order ID. Here’s an example:{{ }}

We recommend using the {{ event.extra.order.url }} variable but there are some use cases for the Shopify Order ID. One example: if you are using a Rebuy product recommendation widget on the tracking page, we recommend using the Shopify Order ID variable, as that will pass order information to the Rebuy widget.

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