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Integrating Malomo and Yotpo SMS & Email

Pre Requisites: Completed Shopify <> Malomo Integration

Set up Time: 15-20 Minutes

With this integration, you can send personalized and targeted emails or SMS messages based on the status of their orders and any related shipments. Messages can be tailored to drive traffic to branded tracking pages to increase cross-sells, reduce support tickets, and create more brand exposure. This integration will allow Malomo to send tracking information to Yotpo, so you can incorporate shipping data into automated flows in near real-time.

Complete the following procedure to set up the integration for Malomo and Yotpo.

Connecting Malomo with Yotpo SMS & Email

To connect Malomo with Yotpo:

  1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Integrations.

  2. Search for Malomo in the navigation bar and click Connect.

  3. Complete the prompts of the install flow. Once complete, you’ll see the integration is successfully installed within your Yotpo account.

You are all set to use the integration and set up your flows.

Setting up SMS & Email flows

To make the most out of the integration, we recommend setting up flows for the following statuses as the main shipping emails:

  • Pre Transit

  • In Transit

  • Out for Delivery

  • Delivered

And then, these as add-ons for shipping issues:

  • Failure (Delivery Attempted)

  • Available for Pickup

  • Return to Sender

See below to view the full list of available Malomo events.

Malomo Events

The Malomo and Yotpo SMS & Email integration supports the following events as triggers in Yotpo for SMS flows.

Event name


Malomo Shipment Unknown

The carrier doesn’t know the current status of the shipment. This is typically seen when a shipping label has been created, but before the label has registered in the carrier’s system.

Malomo Shipment Pre Transit

A shipping label was created and has been registered in the carrier’s system. However, the carrier has not yet taken possession of the shipment.

Malomo Shipment In Transit

The shipment is in the carrier’s possession and is en route to its destination.

Malomo Shipment Out For Delivery

The shipment is currently on its last mile and is en route to the destination address.

Malomo Shipment Delivered

The local delivery vehicle has reported the package was delivered.

Malomo Shipment Return To Sender

The shipment was not successfully delivered and is en route back to sender.

Malomo Shipment Canceled

The delivery has been canceled typically by either the seller or recipient.

Malomo Shipment Available For Pickup

The shipment is available for pickup from the carrier’s facility such as a post office.

Malomo Shipment Failure

A delivery was attempted but the shipment could not be delivered. 

Malomo Shipment Error

An unknown delivery error occurred.

Setting up SMS & Email flows

  1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows and click Create Flow from Scratch.

  2. Click Choose Trigger and search for Malomo.

  3. Select the relevant flow trigger based on the event you are looking for.

  4. Choose SMS/MMS Message or Email as an action. This means an SMS/MMS message or email (depending on what you choose) will be sent as an outcome once the Trigger, i.e., shipment delivered, is updated to Shipment Delivered in Malomo.

  5. When configuring the text of your SMS or Email, select Shortcodes/Merge below the message box to open the list of available properties sent to Yotpo via Malomo.

  6. Create the message with the help of shortcodes (SMS) or merge tags (email). In place of these shortcodes customer, order, and tracking data will be auto-populated with the relevant information.

Malomo Shortcodes

Shortcode/Merge Tags



Order Status URL

The URL of your shop’s order tracking page. It can be a Shopify page or Malomo-hosted page.


Order Number

The order number assigned by Shopify


Tracking EDD

The shipment’s original estimated delivery date provided by the carrier, if available

“2019-01-30 13:30:00”

Tracking Latest Status Detail

Standardized tracking message with relevant shipment information


Tracking Latest Status

Current tracking status of the shipment


Customer Email

Customer email address


Tracking Number

Tracking number


Customer Name

Customer first and last name

“John Smith”

Shipping Address

Customer shipping address


Tracking Latest Update

The timestamp of the latest shipment update provided by the carrier

2019-01-30 13:30:00

Tracking URL

The carrier’s tracking page URL


Carrier Name

Carrier name


Carrier Service

Carrier service level

First-Class Package Service

At this time, the integration includes only the Shortcode/Merge Tags listed above. It does not support additional Shopify order details such as line items or billing details. Shipping SMS or emails will not be able to display those details.


Need help or experiencing issues with the integration? Please reach out to either to the Malomo Team or Yotpo Support.

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