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Best Practices: Malomo and Postscript

Understanding Postscript Triggers

  • The Postscript API uses the concepts of "triggers" and "subscribers" in order to deliver notifications to customers.

    • Subscribers are customers who have explicitly opted in to receive SMS notifications for a brand.

    • Triggers essentially represent different types of events that, when fired, can be used to send SMS notifications to a subscriber.

    • Automations are "multi-stage communication that are triggered by a certain event", and are the primary tool for building and sending SMS notifications.

Available Triggers with Malomo

When a trigger is fired (when a Malomo event occurs), an active Postscript automation for that trigger must also exist in your account in order for SMS notifications to be sent.  Since Malomo will send a unique event for each Shipment, it's our recommendation that you only use the following events for triggers: Pre-transit, Out-for-delivery, and Delivered. This will ensure that you do not send a customer two notifications for their order. 

However, the triggers that are available to use in Postscript are:

  • Malomo: Shopify Order Created

  • Malomo: Shipment Created

  • Malomo: Pre Transit

  • Malomo: In Transit**

  • Malomo: Out for Delivery

  • Malomo: Delivered

  • Malomo: Available For Pickup

  • Malomo: Return To Sender

  • Malomo: Failure

  • Malomo: Cancelled

  • Malomo: Error

  • Malomo: FulfillmentStalled

  • Malomo: ShipmentStalled

  • Malomo: ShipmentDeliveryAttempted

  • Malomo: ShipmentReturnToSender

**Please note, we do not recommend triggering a status off of InTransit, as the journey will trigger multiple texts to your customer. Our system receives the InTransit status on every scan event received between PreTransit and OutForDelivery.

Testing your PostScript Integration

Unlike email, SMS notifications require explicit opt-in from the customer in order to be sent.

To send SMS notifications to yourself:

  1. From your main Postscript dashboard, click Keywords in the left sidebar.

  2. Text one of the listed keyword codes to the phone number shown on the screen, and follow the prompts to opt into SMS notifications from your store.

In order to receive SMS notifications to your phone, make sure that your phone number is associated with a customer record in your Shopify store, and that you always use this customer when creating test orders in Shopify. 

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