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Apps you can integrate onto your Malomo tracking page

With Malomo’s Tracking Page Creator, it’s quick and easy to add additional third-party apps on to your tracking page. If you’ve already downloaded the app on Shopify and it has a theme app widget, you can simply add that app section to your page and style as preferred. If your app does not have a theme app widget, you can experiment with adding custom HTML code.

Below is a list of apps we’ve integrated onto Malomo tracking pages in the past.

Support Chat Apps 

Chat widgets can be embedded on your Malomo tracking page to allow customers to connect with your CX or Support team right from their tracking page. 

Social Feeds

Dynamic social feeds (typically Instagram) can be added to your page as well. Most feeds will allow you to connect via a login authorization, or by simply adding your handle to their backend. 

Referral Apps 

There are a number of third party integrations that will allow you to embed a pop-up on the page, prompting customers to refer a friend and earn a reward for doing so. 

Product Recommendations 

There are also a number of third party integrations that allow for you to showcase product recommendations on the tracking page, both static and dynamic. 

Pop-Up Announcements

These can be used for a variety of things such as discounts, SMS sign-up, referral programs, etc. 

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