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Trigger Notifications with Loop Return Events

Once the Malomo x Loop integration is enabled, you will have access to a set of new Malomo return event triggers, which can be used to create personalized notifications in Klaviyo. Additionally, your existing Malomo: ShipmentUpdateReceived metric will include a new variable with a deep link to the Loop Returns Portal.

🚨 Please note, the new Malomo: ReturnShipmentCreated and Malomo: ReturnShipmentUpdateReceived event triggers are currently only available in Klaviyo. These event triggers will be added to additional integrations, such as Attentive and Postcript, in the near future.

Loop Return Events



Malomo: ReturnShipmentCreated

Loop records a new return shipment and that shipment registers in the Malomo platform.

Malomo: ReturnShipmentUpdateReceived

The carrier registers a new shipment status for a Loop return package with Malomo.

Return Shipment Statuses

These statuses are available as Flow Triggers in the Malomo: ReturnShipmentUpdateReceived metric in Klaviyo.




A shipping label was created but the carrier has not yet taken possession of the shipment.


The shipment is in the carrier’s possession and is en route to its destination.


The shipment is currently on its last mile and is en route to the destination address.


The local delivery vehicle has reported the package was delivered.


The shipment was not successfully delivered and is en route back to sender.


The delivery has been cancelled typically by either the seller or recipient.


The shipment is available for pickup from the carrier’s facility such as a post office.


The shipment could not be delivered.


An unknown delivery error occurred.


The carrier doesn’t know the current status of the shipment.

Please note, each trigger is created on the first instance that the event is received from Malomo, so it may take up to 24 hours for all of the Malomo triggers to be listed

Learn more about Klaviyo Flows and Trigger Filter here.

Once your Loop integration is enabled, your Malomo: ShipmentUpdateReceived metric will include a new variable called order_return_url. This URL is a deep link to the Loop Returns Portal associated with any given order, and automatically authenticates with Loop in the background. We only recommend using this variable in the Delivered flow. For example, you may add a button with the order_return_url to the “Your Order was Delivered” email, which would allow your customers to initiate a return or exchange directly from the email.




{{ event.order_return_url }}

Initiate Returns from Delivered Email

In this video, we'll walk you through how the Malomo Loop integration works and how easy it can be for your customers to initiate a return or exchange. No more confusion or frustration!

By integrating Malomo with your delivery notifications and tracking page, customers can start a return or exchange directly from their delivered email or tracking page. I'll show you how to add a "Start Your Return" button to the email and how it automatically takes the customer to their specific order. Plus, I'll demonstrate how the tracking page also offers the option to start a return or exchange once the package is delivered. It's a seamless process that will save you and your customers time and hassle.

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