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Navigating the Orders Page

Once you have connected your Shopify store with Malomo, you’ll be able to see all of your customer orders within the Malomo dashboard. 

The beta version of our new Orders page is now available via the “Orders Beta” link in the navigation. You will be able to use both the existing and beta pages for the time being. We will be collecting feedback and making adjustments to the new page before retiring the existing page.

You will notice several updates on the beta Orders page, including:

  • Faster search and filtering capabilities

  • A new “Carrier” filter so you can drill down your orders list by a specific carrier or set of carriers, and combine with other filters

  • The order name is now displayed instead of order number, which includes any order prefixes or suffixes

  • A new table column displays the total number of shipments that have been created for each order

  • A new Order Details page that replaces the “Details” modal window and includes:

    • A “View Tracking Page” link that opens the order’s live tracking page in a new tab

    • More detailed tracking information for each shipment, including a link to the carrier’s live tracking page, an estimated delivery date (when available), the latest carrier scan event, and a link to view each shipment’s full history

    • Additional customer information, including their shipping address

This section outlines the functionality of our original Orders page. This section will be retired in the near future and the new Orders page outlined above will take it’s place. For the time being, you can continue to use this original feature if you desire.

When you click “Details” on a particular order, you’ll be able to see the Order Number, exact time it was placed, customer name, and customer email address. 

If the order has already been fulfilled with tracking information, you’ll also be able to see the tracking number, carrier, current shipping status, and if it is estimated to be early, late, or on time. 


If you only see the order details without shipping information, then that means the order has not been fulfilled yet. 

The Orders list is searchable, but at this current time does not allow the ability for the Orders list to be exported. 

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