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Manage your billing information with Malomo

Malomo partners with Stripe to manage, process, and update billing and credit card information for customers. In order to update existing payment information, Malomo customers can access their billing information through the Malomo platform. 

Accessing Your Billing Information

  1. Log into Malomo via

  2. On the left-navigation menu, click “Account”.

  3. Navigate to ‘Billing’

  4. Once in Account, click “Billing”, which will redirect to your account’s private Billing Page.



Q: What if I'm a paying customer and this information is not available to me? 

A: Please reach out to and our team will assist you.

Q: Is this information stored anywhere within Malomo’s platform?

A: No - this information is only stored with our payment processing partner, Stripe. The only information passed between Malomo and Stripe is authentication to a customer’s specific page. 

Q:  Is our payment information secure? 

A: Yes! Stripe maintains a PCI Level 1 compliance.

Q: Which users in my account have access to my account’s billing page?

A: All users in your Malomo account are able to see and update your billing information. Select and vetted Malomo employees do have access to this page in order to provide customer support. 

Q: If I update my billing information, do I need to tell someone?

A: It will update with Malomo automatically, there's no need for the extra effort on your part.

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