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How to migrate your account Malomo v2

Pre Requisites: Onboarded with Malomo before April 2021; have not previously completed v2 migration. 

In Q2 2021, Malomo completed a transition from shipment-based to order-based tracking. Our new v2 platform includes these benefits: 

  • Our new Platform with customer and order reporting

  • Order lookup on your tracking page

  • Additional Klaviyo variables (custom events, carrier mappings, product descriptions, etc.)

  • Normalized carrier data

  • Enhanced error monitoring

All new features, such as additional integrations, will only be released on our v2 platform.

To initiate the migration, please contact your CSM or To make this transition as painless as possible for you, your CSM will be doing the heavy lifting on this migration. To do this, Malomo will complete these internal tasks: 

  • Initiate our v2 data and new metrics into your Klaviyo account. (if using)

    • v2 metrics: Malomo: ShopifyOrderCreated, Malomo: ShipmentCreated, Malomo: ShipmentUpdateReceived

  • Clone existing Klaviyo shipping flows and change trigger to our v2 metrics. (if using)

  • Update the email variables in either Shopify or Klaviyo emails to our v2 variables. 

  • Migrate and Launch existing Malomo Tracking Page to our v2 page with Order Lookup

Once the above tasks have been completed, you'll need to complete these tasks: 

  • Review cloned Shopify or Klaviyo shipping emails.

  • Turn off old Klaviyo flows and turn cloned flows to live or swap out new Shopify email code. 

If you're unsure if you qualify for a v2 migration, please contact your CSM or

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