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Generating API Keys in Malomo


Malomo customers have the capacity to create their own API Keys with Malomo. API keys allow merchants to interact with Malomo’s developer API to enable custom use-cases. An API key can be used to create or retrieve customer, order and shipment data, create custom integrations and even create custom events.

Creating a Key

Navigate to Account -> Developers. Once here, API Keys can be created either in a publishable or secretive state. You will need to give your API Key a name before generating it.

Deleting a Key

Once a key has been generated - it can be deleted. Once deleted, the same API is not able to be re-generated. Caution: Anything relying on this API key will lose authentication with Malomo. It’s a best practice to not delete an API key unless you were the one who is maintaining its use case.


API Key Types

  • Publishable API keys are meant solely to identify your account with Malomo, they aren’t secret. In other words, you can safely publish them in insecure places like a Malomo tracking page or a web page on a Merchant’s store

  • Secret API keys are confidential and must only be used in secure locations like a backend web server that you own. A secret key must never be used in insecure places like a web page or a mobile app. Your account’s secret API key can make any API request to Malomo without restriction. If Malomo believes that your secret API key has been compromised, we may revoke it, potentially resulting in an interruption to your Malomo services.

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